1974goodgas4 cylindersmanual

Developed for the West German Army in the late 1960s, this multipurpose vehicle was based on the VW Type 182 Kübelwagen used in World War II.

Known in the United States and Europe as The Thing, in the United Kingdom as Trekker, Pescaccia in Italy, or Safari in Mexico and South America, this car bore the name Type 181 and wasn’t sold to civilians.

Price: 39850 $


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yearconditionfuelcylinderstransmission1991goodgas4 cylindersmanual Izh 27151 – for sale from a private collection,  in historical exhibit  condition for its age. Mechanically strong , absolutely no issues runs and drives perfect.  All parts and spare parts are original and made in USSR including even tires. In beautiful orange color, which is one of the beauties color variation for…

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In 1973, the Izhevsk Automobile Factory produces a new model based on Moskvich 412 units – Izh 2125 Combi. This is the first Soviet-made car with a liftback body, where the rear door has a small peculiar protrusion. The origin of the word “Combi” originates from the German terminology, based on which it is a…

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