Celebrity opinions about Soviet cars

Among the celebrities there are loyal fans of Soviet cars. True, there are many poisonous critics.

Jeremy Clarkson about UAZ

The famous British TV host of The Grand Tour show, and in the past a similar Top Gear show, has repeatedly tested the products of the Soviet automobile industry.

Once in one of the issues, which was filmed in Vietnam, he called the UAZ-469 the worst car in the world.

If you are looking for quality or power in a car, it is better to take a wagon pulled by a buffalo instead of an UAZ … The car is equipped with amazingly poor equipment: all you get from the factory is the horn button. The thing in Vietnam, of course, is necessary, but that’s all. It is impossible to fasten a seat belt – it is not here. It is also impossible to move the seat back – it is firmly fixed. Want to roll down a side window? Not in this life.

This is the worst car in the world, unrivaled. All he has is a spare tire, there is nothing more to catch his eye on.

Jeremy Clarkson

Varg Vikernes about Niva

The iconic Norwegian black metal player who served 16 years for killing a rival band’s guitarist and burning churches usually travels in a VAZ-2121.

Instead of making good roads, Russians make good SUVs.

Buy mechanical cars (like Lada Niva) instead of plastic crap stuffed with newfangled technologies (so-called “modern cars”), which will fail after a couple of years of operation at best.

I wanted a car with excellent SUV qualities that I could service myself. Lada Niva is mechanically very reliable … I hate modern “western” cars with tons of electronics and all sorts of useless personal belongings. I don’t need an electric window, I can open the window myself.

Varg Vikernes

Kimi Raikkonen about VAZ-2101

The first car of the Finnish race car driver was Lada-1210 (export modification of the VAZ-2101).

Not particularly outstanding [car], but it worked well, stayed warm inside and never broke.

Kimi Raikkonen

Jay Leno about the Volga

American comedian and television personality best known for hosting The Tonight Show on NBC.

Very good corrosion protection for a car from the 1960s … It is made like a Russian tank: sturdy, with a super-primitive suspension.

Incredible, the best heater in the world, if you turn it on, you will be driving like in Miami in the middle of summer.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno believes that the existence of the GAZ-21 partly answers the question of why communism collapsed. He talks about this in his video review: