Interesting facts about VAZ cars

The VAZ 2101 model became the ancestor of a whole family of cars. On its basis, the VAZ 2102 station wagon was created, as well as the luxury version of the VAZ 2103. The station wagon was distinguished by an increased body volume, reinforced suspension and changes in main gear.

LADA 1300 – VAZ 2101 (USSR)

The VAZ 2103 had a more powerful engine, which made it the most dynamic car in the USSR at the time of its release, and practically equal to its foreign counterparts. The changes also affected the exterior and the dashboard: for the first time tachometer was used.

LADA VAZ 21011 Sport

The sporty character was laid in the car by its very design. Thanks to the upper shaft, high-revving engine, which easily gave in to forcing and a light body, Vaz 2101 became very successful for the construction of racing cars. Many times Soviet racers took part in it in the most prestigious races in Europe. In fact, the Vaz 2101 was the best car of its time on the Soviet market, eventually giving way only to the newer and more powerful Vaz 2106.

The advantages of VAZ 2101

VAZ 2101

The advantages of this model include:

  1. Low cost of spare parts. The secondary market is overflowing with all kinds of components and spare parts due to the massiveness of the model.
  2. Interchangeability of some units with the rest of the family of classic VAZ
  3. Classic body design.
USSR LADA 2101 design
VAZ 2101 steering wheel and dashboard

The disadvantages of classic VAZ

The negative aspects of this model, first of all, include the large age of the model, its technical lag behind more modern cars. However, the disadvantages of this model are easily covered by its advantages, thanks to its base and availability, the VAZ 2101 still often serves as the basis for large-scale tuning projects.

By the way, the price for the restored classic USSR cars can reach several hundred thousand US dollars.