Moskvich IZH 27151 – 1991

1991goodgas4 cylindersmanual

Izh 27151 – for sale from a private collection,  in historical exhibit  condition for its age. Mechanically strong , absolutely no issues runs and drives perfect.  All parts and spare parts are original and made in USSR including even tires. In beautiful orange color, which is one of the beauties color variation for this model.

History : Work began on this back in the 1960s. But only in 1974, productions of  IZH-27151 began. It was a pickup that could perfectly cope with a wide variety of tasks: dilute products, building materials, any documentation. At the same time, the cars were distinguished by their spaciousness, reliability, maintainability and carrying capacity.

The Moskvich-434 was taken as the basis of the model, which was thoroughly redone. First of all, the body has undergone changes. The pickup  glazing was changed, the “top” was increased, and the back door was replaced by blank metal panels. The designers took the “434th” for a reason. The fact is that he was a cargo-passenger model and could carry more than 400 kilograms of cargo.

The cabin remained the same and accommodated two people. As for the power plant, under the hood of IZH could be located UZAM-412E with a working volume of 1.5 liters for 75 hp, or 67 hp equipped with 4 speed manual transmission . The carrying capacity in the passport indicated the standard – 450 kilograms. But, in fact, the car could take almost twice as much. Of course, this directly affected her margin of safety, but the fact remains. Pickups were occasionally bought as far away as South America and South Africa, but were forbidden to private owners in the Soviet Union. Only one vehicle in the America

Price: 19950$

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