Lada VAZ 2108 White hatchback – 1988

Lada with factory index 2108 became a major milestone in the history of VAZ factory. It was the first Soviet front-wheel drive passenger vehicle debuted in 1984, and needless to say – it looked very modern back in the day. Its timeless design make 2108 look sporty and attractive up to this day. In USSR VAZ-2108 was sold as Lada Sputnik (i.e. “satellite”), while its export name was Lada Samara. At home, however, it was commonly referred to as VAZ-2108, or simply the “8”.

The car we are happy to offer you is a 1988 VAZ-2108. This is a two-owner no-accident vehicle that has never been driven in the winter. It has never been repainted and it is preserved in its original factory condition. In fact, finding a pristine non-modified 2108 is not easy, because VAZ-2108 is the number one choice for those building special vehicles – from performance to rally vehicles. Interestingly, VAZ-2108’s engine was designed and developed in cooperation with Porsche. Later on, Lada 2108 used to participate in rallies in order to boost sales. Famous race car driver Jacky Ickx piloted a tuned up Lada 2108 at Paris-Dakar Rally in 1990.

1988 goodgas4 cylindersmanual
Body and chassis
Class B-class
Body style 3-door hatchback
Curb weight 915 kg
Engine 1.3 L
Engine Power
Transmission 4-speed manual
Chassis configuration 4×2
Tank Volume 43 l

Price: 7950 $


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