Motorcycle IZH PLANET 5 orange

(“IZH Planeta-5”) is a middle class road bike designed for driving on roads with different surfaces. Modernization of the Izh Planet-4 model.
Produced by the Izhevsk  Machine-Building Plant from 1987 to 2008.
An unpretentious and relatively inexpensive motorcycle model enjoyed well-deserved popularity in the USSR and Russia in the 90s-2000s.
During the production process, the motorcycle was modernized many times in terms of the chassis and engine. It also has several configuration options.
The engine installed on these models has a fairly high thrust at low revs, in comparison with the same “Jupiter”, in which the torque curve has a rise at higher crankshaft revs [1]. The motorcycle can be connected to a side cargo or passenger trailer, or a universal cargo module. Also, you can additionally install a trunk and knee shields on it.

1972goodgas1 cylindersmanual

Price: 4500$

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yearconditionfuelcylinderstransmission1970very goodgasmanualVerhovIna ”is a brand of Soviet mopeds and mokiks produced by the Lviv Motorcycle Plant (LMZ).The first of the series was a moped called “Verkhovyna-3” (MP-048), which significantly differed from the previous two-speed models (MP-043 and MP-046) in a more modern appearance and technical improvements. It had smaller wheels (65×405 mm), a new engine,…

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yearconditionfuelcylinderstransmissionvery goodgasmanual Price: 1950 $   Leave your contact information to contact the seller See more cars in this category

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