Mini riga

very goodgasmanual

Price: 1950 $


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yearconditionfuelcylinderstransmission1970very goodgasmanualVerhovIna ”is a brand of Soviet mopeds and mokiks produced by the Lviv Motorcycle Plant (LMZ).The first of the series was a moped called “Verkhovyna-3” (MP-048), which significantly differed from the previous two-speed models (MP-043 and MP-046) in a more modern appearance and technical improvements. It had smaller wheels (65×405 mm), a new engine,…

Motorcycle DNEPR K-750 cyan with Sidecar – 1973

yearconditionfuelcylinderstransmission1973very goodgasmanual Price: $5475   Dnepr is a motorcycle brand produced in Kyiv, Ukraine. It has been in use since 1967. Motorcycles have been produced in Kyiv since 1946 at the Kyiv Motorcycle Factory. Initial production was of a 98 cc two-stroke model that was confiscated from the German firm Wanderer as reparations. Motorcycles were…

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